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Pet Urns and Human Urns for People

  • Wood Relief Carved Urns
  • Motorcycle Urns and Biker Urns
  • Wood Photo Urns
  • Portrait Urns
  • Fishing Urns
  • Recessed Poem Urns
  • Motorcycle Urns
  • Mantel Clock Urns

"The standard in wood urns that many try to imitate, but no one duplicates."

Manufacturing wood pet urns and cremation urns for people is our specialty. We manufacture pet urns and human urns for clients thoughout the U.S.A. All of our pet urns for dogs and cats, and our human cremation urns for people are all made in Michigan and 100% Made in the U.S.A.. While most wood urns for people and pet cremation urns on the market today are foreign made, our new and innovated wood human urns and pet urns makes Bay Shore Woodworks, Inc. a leading human and pet urn company producing American Made wood cremation urns and memorial products. Bay Shore Woodworks, Inc. wood pet urns and human cremation urns are known for being very customizable, allowing family members to create the perfect and unique cremation urn or memorial for their loved one. Let us help you create a one of a kind memorial for your loved one.

  • Photo Pet Urns
  • Pawprint Pet Urns
  • Photo Poem Pet Urns
  • Rainbow Bridge Pet Urns
  • Photo Rainbow Bridge Pet Urns
  • Portrait Engraved Pet Urns
  • Pawprint & Bone Poem Pet Urns
  • Mantel Clock Pet Urns