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Determine Cremation Urn Size

In cremation there are many variables that come into play when figuring the end result of cremains that remain after cremation. The exact amount of cremains you will receive can be hard for anyone to know outside the crematorium doing the cremation because of the many variables involved. Variables such as skeletal size, height of a person or pet, how long the cremains are in the cremation chamber, for pets the type of cremation (i.e. Individual, Private, or Communal cremation), and the amount of processing that is done to the cremains after they are removed from the cremation chamber and prepared for placing into a cremation urn. This is why the crematoriums are the best ones to know what size urn you need because only they know the amount of cremains that are produced after the processes and standards they use.

When sizing a cremation urn there is an industry standard that is used to approximate urn size which urn sellers and manufactures use, this cremation industry standard states for every pound of healthy weight you will need one cubic inch or less of space to hold the cremains for both people and pet. This is generally an accurate way to determine urn size; however, we do not guarantee this will work with every person, pet or crematorium. As an urn manufacturer of cremation receptacles (containers) and not being the cremator, we can only state the actual size of the cremation urns we manufacture, and not the outcome of the actual cremation. We do not specify how many pounds in weight a person, or pet can be to fit into an urn. We only specify the dimensions and the volume (capacity) of the urn receptacle in cubic inches. We also do not recommend our retailers/dealers to list urn sizes by the weight of person or pet alone for determining the appropriate urn size.

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